Wednesday, 24 July 2013


6" x 8" on Windpower
On Auction at Daily Paintworks

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For many months I've been admiring the work of Linda K Nickles via her blog. Yesterday she did the most amazing study of clouds and luckily it was sold or I would have been very tempted. Linda lives overlooking a marsh and the colours in her paintings are stupendous. 

Each night I take a second look at the emails that I didn't have time to give the attention they deserved and I came across her REACHING FOR PARADISE painting. I was so inspired that in spite of it being 2am I went into the studio and created this work. Although this is nothing like Linda's lovely work, I wanted to be spontaneous and light like her, so I chose a pastel-like selection of fcolours and just went for it. This was painted without a reference photo of any kind to keep it fresh.

I have observed that landscape views very rarely perfectly line up with foreground, mid-ground and distance reflecting the horizon line. Clouds tend to point to a vanishing point of their own making, as is the case here. I enjoyed placing the patches of sunlight on the hills and meadow, to lead the viewer gently towards the heavenly display.

I love the lighthearted and feminine result, reminiscent of Claude Monet's meadow paintings. So much so that I may paint a larger version for my bedroom the next time I decorate.

Cat 13179 Pastel Sky