Sunday, 11 August 2013


4" x 6" OSWOA Postcard
On Auction at Daily Paintworks

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals in the same series or prints may be available by contacting me.


I'm a great proponent of making it as easy as possible for someone who loves my work to get it home quickly and easily. I'm constantly asked by Artists how they should price their Art. This is a very personal thing, but this is what I do.

I paint daily and I auction a brand new painting at DPW most days These paintings are small and experimental in nature but nevertheless painted with top quality pigments on archival acid free substrate and protected with UV Varnish.

The first opportunity for anyone to purchase one of my small pieces it through auction. A painting is usually only placed on auction once. My auction prices at DAILY PAINTWORKS start at approximately 1/4 of my bricks and mortar Gallery price. If it is still available after the auction closes, it stays on exhibit at my DAILY PAINTWORKS GALLERY AND SHOP at approximately 1/2 the bricks and mortar gallery price. This is my INTERNET or DPW PRICE. I rarely send my work to auction twice, so this is the best price from then on.

When I have an exhibition, or one of my bricks and mortar galleries needs stock, I either select from my gallery at Daily Paintworks or I paint an entirely new and usually much larger piece. Large pieces are rarely placed on auction. At this point, my paintings are matted and framed (if necessary) and the price naturally goes up to cover costs. Purchasing a painting on Daily Paintworks circumvents this process, saves the buyer a lot of money and I make the same income with less running around, a win win solution.

MINIATURES AND SMALL PAINTINGS take almost as much, if not more time to paint than a large painting. They do use less material, but most of the expense to me is in the hours it takes to create. Frankly I've painted 2 feet x 3 feet paintings faster than some of my 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch works, but naturally I can't charge more for them. Therefore, when you purchase one of my ACEO or OSWOA paintings you are getting a real bargain, especially if you do so at their initial auction. Auction prices can start at $1 or $5 on a special promotion, but normally my smallest paintings start at $11 or more.

I paint in many sizes from miniature to massive, so just to give some perspective, my PREMIERE, EXHIBITION, GALLERY, OR ROOM SIZE PAINTINGS work out to much less per square inch than my small paintings. If you think about it, a painting just 25 inches x 35 inches would be 100 times the size of a 2.5" x 3.5" and should therefore have an auction starting price of $1,100 and an exhibition price of $4,400 if I was just scaling up. At present, I rarely charge more than $995 for that size at public exhibition, unless it is a complex multi panel and exclusive piece.

Once a painting has been to public exhibition I do not reduce the price and undercut the process, so if you see one of my works out in the world, that is the price whether you buy it at the Gallery, Exhibition, Show or directly from me. In this way I protect my hard working business clients.

As far as commissions go, I invest a fair amount of time in consultation to ensure your satisfaction, so naturally this would add a little to my quote. So, for bespoke, I charge a little above 1/2 my Gallery price. So if you love my work and would like to commission a pal portrait, essence painting, or a larger example of one of my small works, it is very reasonable. In addition, I'm always happy to work out an installment plan. I also work with interior designers, builders and other commercial enterprises,  to find a volume price which works for all concerned.

For example unframed prices

ACEO 2.5" X 3.5"
Auction start $11 - DPW price $15 - Regular Retail $25 plus mount and frame

PREMIERE ART 24" x 36" 
Auction start $249 - DPW price $495 - Regular Retail $995
Commission Price $595 

I prefer to sell my work unframed, but I'm happy to arrange it for you if you prefer.

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