Sunday, 8 September 2013


2.5" x 3.5"
On auction at Daily Paintworks starting at just $11

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals or prints may be available by contacting me. You may also view my available ACEO in my Facebook Gallery here.


Just like stamp collecting, there are many options for displaying ACEO

1. Avid investors keep their ACEO in pristine condition by placing them in an acid free envelope in a cool dry place. I saw a tiny acid free archival box on Jerry's Artarama if you are building an investment collection. I recommend filing by subject matter or name of artist alongside the certificate of authenticity, to keep them easily accessible.

2. Same as above but in a clear cellophane envelope. (I haven't tried this myself because my ACEO don't stay around long enough.) Consider the medium which may need to breathe or can stick to some surfaces. Try these at Jerry's (see note below).

3. Dry mount. If you're handy you can do this yourself or ask a framer. You may get a better price if you do several at once. The mounted ACEO can then be displayed flat, resting against a wall or on a little easel. If you have busy little hands in your home I would suggest a locked cabinet.

4. One or many can be mounted in a mat and then framed. I prefer a double mat with a wide surround and the ACEO offset towards one corner. Two or three ACEO in one mat look great but for collectors I've placed up to 21 in one mat. You can pre-cut a mat with multiple openings and add to your collection over time. Google ATC or ACEO Mat or Frame and many possibilites come up. This is on Ebay UK for a 5" x 7" ACEO Mat. There are also ACEO Mats on Etsy and I've found them at Jerry's and on Ebay USA. As ACEO originated in the USA, they have the most comprehensive suppliers.

Any framer will cut mats for you and I suggest you size it to fit a standard frame or an antique one that you have at home. I have found websites where you can design your own layout and they cut and mail to you. 

If you place acrylic or oil ACEO originals under glass make sure they are double matted to create space from the glass. Make at least one hole in the back dust cover to ensure they can breathe.

All my ACEO are fine art originals with UV protection, but I still recommend displaying in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Here are some some of my available ACEO and how they look framed. 


NOTE:- This is what Jerrys said about their Krystal Bags

Yes the bags are safe
They are archival bags.
You should not have any problems as long as the bags are not kept in a hot humid area like an attic.

How about mailing in them or doing outside shows because the temperature is out of my control

I would not know about that, I have never mailed my work like that. You should not have a problem. I have never heard a customer complain about that kind of problem with these bags. We sell a lot of these bags every year. I have never heard of any problems with bags melting-, I have not heard of the problem.

I'm not talking about the bag melting. Acrylic pant has a tendency to stick to plastic, glass etc and will peel off the substrate when it does this. I'm worried about it sticking to the inside of the bags.
Ok, I have not heard of that problem with these bags either. I use the bags with prints not paintings, so I would not personally know. You could try it to see if it works on a test painting that you mail to a friend who lives far away.... 

Cat 13220 Lily Sisters

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Photo inspiration  Rosalind Amorin of Paint my Photo