Friday, 21 February 2014


These are from my favourite two series and I wanted to share them with you in one place. It also shows how you could display a whole collection in your home. Left to right and top to bottom there are 13 MINI MASTER (homage to a famous masters on their birthday) and 8 MINI MASTERPIECES.

4" x 4" on Canvas Panel

To view my Gallery or purchase any of these paintings please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals or prints may be available by contacting me. As you can see, these originals are very reasonably priced and can be mounted on the wall as is, framed or displayed on a mini easel.

BLOG 400

First I would like to thank all my readers for helping me reach this milestone. When I started daily blogging 400 posts ago I would never have imagined that I would keep it up this long. In some ways it's not surprising, because I am a published author several times over. As a teenager I was a prolific letter writer and I also kept a diary for many years, so I suppose there is some latent memory from those marathons. Life does have a habit of getting in the way though and until now, my adult writing has been dedicated to writes and re-writes of manuscripts. One day I will share my latest literate effort, but it's still under wraps at the moment.

When I took up blogging I had been a member of Daily Paintworks for about 6 months and although painting daily, I had not yet worked up to speed of painting a new work each day. That changed in January 2013 when Leslie Saeta set her first challenge of 30 paintings in 30 days. She recommended setting some creative goals, and I chose to learn more about ACEO (ART CARD EDITIONS AND ORIGINALS) by painting one each day. I was thrilled when I developed quite a following in the first month and I haven't looked back. 

No artist can hope to sell every piece they create, but it is a fact if you produce more finished work you will sell more paintings. In 2013 I created 282 paintings and sold over 100 which was somewhat of a record for me. I also blogged, moderated my GET YOUR ART OUT THERE group on Facebook and completed a huge amount of hands on learning. This year I have begun implementing plans for "Paint a Masterpiece" to start making a profit so I can draw a wage: This may mean I blog and paint less frequently for a while until I can afford an assistant of course.


Cat # 14032 Homage to Franz Marc "Horse in a Landscpe"
Cat # 14027 Homage to Norman Rockwell "Rockwell Cat"
Cat # 14016 Homage to Jeff Koons "Pink Dog"
Cat # 14015 Homage to Edouard Manet "Manet's Rose"
Cat # 14007 Homage to Gerhard Richter
Cat # 14014 Homage to Paul Cezanne - "Purple Mountain"
Cat # 14010 Homage to Sargent - "Lady in Lilac"
Cat # 14018 Homage to William Morris - Snakeshead "
Cat # 14012 Homage to Berthe Morrisot - "First Dance"
Cat # 14009 Homage to Barbara Hepworth
Cat # 14023 Homage to Jackson Pollock - "Jackson Bouquet"
Cat # 14003 Homage to Henri Matisse - Matisse Line Study
Cat # 13277 Homage to Philip Wilson Steer - "Sailing"
Cat # 14001 "The Red Bridge"
Cat # 13282 "Delicious"
Cat # 14005 "Pink Sparkle"
Cat # 14002 "Big Blueberry"
Cat # 13273 "Doris Duck"
Cat # 12054 "Red Rose"
Cat # 12056 "Yellow Rose"
Cat # 12055 "Blue Rose"