Monday, 10 March 2014

EROTIC ART SHOW - Yes I will YES - 16" x 12" Framed


Yes I will YES Framed
Yes I will YES
16" x 12" on Canvas, framed in deep walnut

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My submission for the sadly cancelled show "Shall I wear a Red Yes". The subject is vaguely reminiscent of a Star Trek Orion Slave Girl with her blue/green skin and sparkly underwear. She is exotic, seductive and adds quite a presence to a modern home.

The varied reds in the background don't photograph well; they have much more variation from orange to magenta with some purple. The triangle thong is coated in copper iridescent paint, with applied crochet work and crystals.

The show asked that the submission conformed to an excerpt from MOLLY BLOOM's soliloquy in James Joyce Ulysses  "Shall I wear a red yes".

Yes I will YES (showing variation in background)
"...I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish Wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. "

Cat # 14037 Yes I will YES