Thursday, 10 April 2014

ROSE IV - 15 Strokes

"8 x 8" on gallery canvas

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Triple Load Brush
Loosening up your brushwork - A tip from Nancy Medina Nacy Medina's challenge sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go. I've already created a rose with 50 strokes, one with 40 and one with 30 (below). Now the time had come to attempt 15.

I realized that I had to apply strategy to attempt a rose in 15 strokes. I know many painters use double and triple loaded brushes and so I decided to give this a try. With oil painting a triple is loaded by repeated brushing over the same place on the palette to encourage the oils to mix on the mid zones, with acrylics this would produce flat, over-mixed paint, so as you see I used it fairly raw. I chose almost complimentaries violet and indian yellow. In afterthought I should have used a warmer lavender or lilac.

White Rose VI - 7 Strokes and background
Like yesterday, I started with Ivory blocked in as a base for the petals and wet in wet, stroked the triple loaded brush slowly and smoothly onto the under layer, following the petal shapes. By now I had used about half my strokes. (Illustration) I then worked on my signature energy patterns around the rose which don't count for strokes.

Next, I went back with a smaller brush and added some warm darks and lights to give the petals shape. I was aiming for an expressionist or natural abstract look. A little edging and tidying up the background and I was done.

What I'm finding in this exercise is that every brushstroke must be placed with care. There is no time wasted with fussing and fiddling. I like each of these roses for their own special character. If I had to buy one, I wouldn't know which. Luckily they are all currently still available and I'm happy to work out a special price with you for the whole series including shipping. 

The Series so far - Can be purchase as a set as long as they remain in stock. Can be shipped together. Please contact me.

LEFT TO RIGHT - White Rose II - True Value - White Rose I - White Rose III

Cat 14071 Rose IV