Friday, 4 April 2014

WHITE ROSE I - 50 Strokes

"8 x 8" on gallery canvas

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals or prints may be available by contacting me.

A rose created with 50 Strokes of the brush (or at least an attempt to do that). In reality it was probably nearer 100. This is a new series of white roses focusing on counting and reducing the number of brush strokes needed to create a painting. See below.

Loosening up your brushwork by Nancy Medina

The idea above sounded good to me so I decided to give it a go. Happily my decision coincided with fellow artist EVHE posting her latest challenge photo (below), to be submitted by April 15th. I would say white flowers and particularly white roses are my nemesis, so I'm curious how this pans out.

Follow my progress here and at Daily Paintworks and if you are an artist, please feel free to join in using whatever medium you are comfortable with. You may post a link to your work on the rose in the comments below. To post on Evhe's blog, contact her through the link above.

Cat # 14066 White Rose I