Sunday, 18 May 2014


A collaborative collage by mother and daughter, Charlotte and Sea Dean
12” x 12” Canvas Panel
Mixed Media

Purchase via Daily Paintworks or directly at Lake Country Art Gallery ART THROUGH THE AGES EXHIBITION in Lake Country, BC, Canada. Part of the proceeds to LCAG public Gallery.

I had to photograph the work in the gallery because it was still drying and the lighting is a bit uneven, so I've also included a progress photo before the block was painted red.

Continuing with the Silver and Red Series, we started with a blank canvas panel, prepared the surface and assembled the same paint and collage pieces as the previous work. Red has been Charlotte's favourite colour for as long as I can remember, so we used some of her red knitting wool to start the process. Charlotte then arranged the multi-coloured foil pieces and faux diamonds. I then added similar pieces to the first in the series and a fired glass piece. I placed the silver tissue, silver leaf and block. Eventually the result was a work we were both satisfied with.

Having been around the gallery a lot during this exhibition, I'm always happy to see that people are fascinated by these four collages. One thing I see people do a lot when they think no-one is looking, is press the glass button in this painting. Perhaps they think something will pop out of the back???

I have always respected the wisdom of older friends and relatives; after all, they probably experienced the same situation and found a solution in the past, so why not ask their opinion? By living through wars and times of hardship, the older generation have learned to adapt, reuse and recycle, something we need to re-learn in the current economy.

Silver with Red Blocks on the theme of “making do”.

For those interested in finding out more about intergenerational development here is an associated website and this is the link for LCAG

Cat # 14086 Silver with Red Block