Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ORCHID WATER I & II - A painting finds it's own voice.

Orchid Water II by Sea Dean in Room Light
Original Painting by Sea Dean
10” x 10” x 1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

Purchase via Daily Paintworks

Orchid Water was painted in answer to a DPW Challenge focusing on the Pantone colour of the year "Radiant Orchid".

I initially decided to create a painting with harmonious colour and used Titanium White for impact. Unfortunately, Titanium White is a very cool colour and tends to deaden other colours.

After living with Orchid Water I for a while, I decided to add a little more colour and created Orchid Water II. When a painting is substantially altered I give it a new name and catalog number. This is less confusing if I choose to make a print of the first version.

First Version
Each painting has it's own presence. When I was painting for the challenge I was thinking about Venice and in my opinion the second version is more congruent with that city. What do you think?

Cat # 140101 Orchid Water II