Friday, 9 May 2014

Practice, practice, practice - CATCHING THE SUN

8" x 8" on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Legendary cellist Pablo Casals was once asked why he continued to practice every day even though he was over 90. He said "Because I think I'm making progress".

I was reminded of this recently by a friend on Facebook and found it appropriate because I've been reviewing my 2012/2013/2014 paintings for an upcoming juried exhibition. I decided to select my favourite paintings from each year and place them in a file to simplify the process. I identified several ongoing themes in my work, to which I returned to throughout the year. One theme is a mountain landscape, another is a path through trees and the third is closeup roses.

Naturally when I saw the weekly Daily Paintworks challenge was painting roses, I felt the gauntlet had been thrown down. Pink is a difficult colour to work with in acrylic without it looking cold and pasty, so I chose to enrich the colours of the roses. Also I prefer bold contrast which is easier with deeper reds. Even though I used fluorescent pink and cadmium red in places, the painting seems to have photographed quite well except for the shine in the right top corner. I'll correct it in daylight. I also want to lighten the value of the right hand bottom rose a touch.

Cat 14090 Catching the Sun