Sunday, 15 June 2014


AMARILLO ROSE by Sea Dean 5 x 7 inch Canvas Panel
AMARILLO ROSE - Progress Photo
Original Painting by Sea Dean
5” x 7” Canvas Panel
Professional Acrylic with UV Protection

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I've just read a wonderful book focusing on Manet's flower paintings, "The last flowers of Manet". The book tells the story of Manet's final years as he was dying of Syphilis. He painted 16 small canvases, all bouquet's of flowers presumably brought to him by his large group of friends as he moved from one place of cure to another. 

Anyone that has read my blog for long, knows that Edouard Manet is one of my favourite painters and this particular set of canvases is so poignant and beautiful. 

I decided when I read the book that a perfect gift to myself would be to paint each one of those 16 canvases to explore Manet's technique. June is always a super busy month for me with the addition this time of a booth at the Gypsy Fair at the end of the month and a possible move, so I won't have much time for it, but I hope to paint at least some of those bouquets.

Evhe's challenge this week was a photo of two yellow roses, and I instantly thought of Manet. Four of the last 16 small canvases included yellow roses. I painted this small canvas partly to honour a great man who was taken long before his time. I also painted the roses because they are one of the most difficult flowers for me to paint. In order to accomplish these three goals I first studied the colours Manet used for his yellow roses and I then added a bit of my own style, pushing the colour into deep red and green. The background is another nod to Manet who so loved black: It is painted with ivory black, titanium white and cobalt teal.

The name comes from the Spanish word for yellow. Manet visited Spain early in his life and there he saw paintings by his greatest influence, Titian. It was largely because of Titian that he became enamored with black backgrounds and strong contrast.

If you're interested, the book is available through Amazon here.

Cat # 14113 Amarillo Rose