Friday, 6 June 2014

DOTTY DRESS - Fashion of the 50s

Original Painting by Sea Dean
7" x 5" Canvas Panel

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Painting a dotty dress has been on my mind for some time, so today I finally got around to it. This is a sort of 50's style dress pulled from my imagination. I would love to do a series on the era, because it was such a feminine period. Back then fashion seemed to have a lighthearted nature that appears missing in modern fashion. 

Sex in the City fashion was mainly inspired by the post war period. It was the era of tight waists and frothy dresses, large patterns, crinoline petticoats and perfect hair. In the 50's the man of the house made the decisions, the wife's place was in the home and only radical women  like Katharine Hepburn wore pants and dreamed of working in a typing pool.

Cat # 14114 Dotty Dress