Thursday, 12 June 2014


JAPAN by Sea Dean
Original Mixed Media Exhibition piece by Sea Dean
23" x 11" on panel

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This has always been a head turner and the star of my collection since the day it was first exhibited. I am currently setting up a new studio and need funds, so I am prepared to part with this special piece on a first come first served basis. 

I have two options for this original art work currently available. Please contact me to purchase.

1. Professionally framed (the framing cost over $200)
2. Ready to frame but framing advised

The mixed media piece is currently in a professional custom made 2" simple black wood exhibition frame. I do not recommend hanging unframed as the edge is unfinished but I could sell without.

I am happy to lay away with a $250 deposit. 
Three more installments of $250 for the unframed version or 
Four more installments of $250 for the custom framed version. 

If you love it, as I do, lets work something out.


Most of the work I produced prior to 2011, is in my private collection and that of members of my family. I worked in a variety of media including oil, watercolour, print, jewellery, pottery, papier mache, metal, installation, pen and ink, graphite etc. but it wasn't until 2011 that I took a serious interest in acrylic painting which is my current choice. 

Although my oil paintings are lovely, in my opinion this is the best piece that I created prior to 2011. It took many weeks design and construction and is a riveting piece worthy of any international exhibition. It The work appears fragile, but that is the secret substrate which took a lot of experimentation to master. 

Next Friday stay tuned for my 2011 Choice.

Pre 2011
Created many - Chosen 1