Friday, 20 June 2014

SUN AND POPLARS - VIRTUAL PAINTOUT - Daily Painworks Auction pick

Original Painting by Sea Dean
Miniature Masterpiece Series 6" x 6" on wrap canvas

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Taken from a view found on Google Earth. Google allows copying of street views and sometimes I like to take a little holiday zooming along roads, stopping, circling and moving the viewpoint until I find something I would like to paint.

I got the idea from my friend Nan Johnson who follows the Virtual Paintout Blog which approximately once a month invites artists to visit various places around the world on Google and paint images from that area. This was in Chile and the view was close to here. It struck me that the landscape is very similar to a valley near where I live. Currently the virtual paintout is the Vladivostok region.

I've been quite prolific lately and I completed this painting a few weeks ago but somehow forgot to post it. I like the spring colours and the milky sunlight. Painted on Gallery Wrap Canvas, so no need to frame.

Cat # 14103