Saturday, 26 July 2014


STANDING TALL - Now at a special price on Daily Paintworks


by Sea Dean
10" x 8" Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas

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Very few landscapes are devoid of trees, therefore if you master tree painting you will be well on your way to mastering landscapes.There are two tricks to trees which will help any painter improve.

1. Add complimentary colour to your greens to modify and soften the look. 

You can even add Alizarin Crimson washes, brushstrokes or edges if the green you are using looks too unnatural. Never use green straight from the tube without adding a touch of modification.

2. Add variation. 

Although natural trees do grow in a pattern, they live a long time and endure rough weather and modification from birds and animals, so no tree is perfectly symmetrical. Even with a cultivated tree, it is important to eliminate regular patterns and add variety. 

- Make branches on each side uneven by painting one side shorter or less leafy.
- Pay attention to the slant of its branches and add some that droop or reach up more. 
- Observe the negative spaces between the leave and make them irregular. 
- Add a much lower or higher branch. Perhaps a broken limb or ragged break.
- Pay attention to the apex and decentralize it slightly. 
- Make one side lighter and one side darker. 
- Add variety with lighter and darker greens in neighbouring trees or even a touch of brown, yellow or orange. Consider the colour and direction of the light falling on the leaves.
- Don't make the trunk absolutely straight, add a bend, a broken limb, or a slight lean.
- The more unusual you make your tree using all the above ideas, the more real it will look.
- Take care to tidy up any branches which point to a corner or lead the eye off the painting.

Feel free to send me a before and after tree painting which you have done and I will publish it on my blog.

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