Friday, 26 September 2014


Detail from Summer Breeze by Sea Dean

Summer Breeze by Sea Dean (see how large the lake is by finding the sailboat)
by Sea Dean
Mixed Media
24" x 36" Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Yesterday I was slated to hang a couple of paintings at Sage Realty on Bernard Ave, Kelowna. (Drop by and see them anytime over the weekend). I had decided to hang them facing the street and I was all ready to go first thing. 

Then I had a conversation with the office manager who was expecting me to hang work throughout the lobby. That meant a scramble because I have nearly 200 paintings on exhibit around Lake Country and Kelowna this month and I was very low on larger paintings. SUMMER BREEZE was in the studio waiting for a tweak and it's time had come. So my day was all about tweaking, photographing, cataloging and hanging. 

The painting at the top is a closeup of some of the changes. I lightened and darkened some values in the sand and water. I widened the trunk of the tree and added more roots. The sail boat had been almost invisible in the big lake, so I added more wake, brighter sails and bow waves. I also tilted the boat to show it was scurrying along on the "summer breeze". As I did quite a bit of work, I think this counts as one of my 30 paintings in 30 days submissions.


One of the artists I introduced you to in the blog hop is talking about me today and introducing two new artists to the group. I'm looking forward to reading about the artist's Sheila Delgado has chosen. See her blog here.

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Cat # 11019 Summer Breeze- Posted as # 11 on the 30 in 30