Saturday, 11 April 2015

A NEST FOR ONE 3D - Art through the Ages Inter-generational Exhibition

By Sea Dean and Spencer Arguedas

13" x 7" x 7"
Metal Mixed Media
(non organic matter)
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Now showing at Lake Country Art Gallery
ART THROUGH THE AGES Inter-generational Exhibition
10356A Bottom Wood Lake Road, Lake Country, B.C. Canada

8 April - 16 May 2015
Wed 8am - 6pm
Thurs and Fri 10 - 4pm
Sat and Sun 11 - 3pm

Created for the Lake Country Art Gallery Inter-generational Exhibition. The submission calls for a collaboration between at least two people from different generations, so for this I used a video made by my nephew Spencer, of a nest in the eaves of his home.

The base is re-purposed and can either hang on the wall or stand freely. I blended the nest into the stand by texturizing with bronze paint to echo leaves and branches.

It's been a long time since I opened my metalwork tool box and it was thrilling to take out my round nosed pliers and snips. This was so much fun to create and I'm very proud of it. Although I've focused on acrylic painting for the last few years, I specialized in metalwork and jewellery design at Art School. I also have a history of 3D creations from Jewellery to hand built pottery, fashion design, home decor and all kinds of crafts.

As 3D Art is not allowed on Daily Paintworks, my painting SPRING VISITOR (above) is the feature painting there today. It is painted on Strathmore Windpower, block mounted. click here for details.

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