Sunday, 28 June 2015


by Sea Dean
24" x 12" Canvas Wrap
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Ponderosa Pines dot the Okanagan Valley. They stand out against the golden grassland, azure sky and shiny lakes. I love their large bushy needles and pine cones which provide welcome shade when hiking. When you stand under one in the summer they exude a sort of dusty evergreen smell that is unmistakeably "PONDEROSA".

I'm always amazed at what a tree can endure: In our area it can go from -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius, hot and dry to freezing and knee deep snow, and yet these trees thrive.

This painting is one that I spent a great deal of time with last year and then set aside. I wasn't sure it was finished until I took it out for a show. I liked the sunny oranges and ochers and the atmosphere, but it needed something.

I was inspired to add branches from another tree across the top and that was missing factor, it was too uniform before. Now I think more work would rob the fresh country feeling it exudes.