Saturday, 18 July 2015

HOW TO HANG A PAINTING by Xanadu Gallery

BLUE DOLL by Sea Dean

I volunteer on the hanging crew at the local gallery and it helps when faced with hanging a self curated solo exhibition. At Lake Country Art Gallery the most complex show of the year is the U100 with over 700 paintings to display in a relatively small space. Volunteers are always welcome to hang shows or act as docents, especially weekends in the summer. If you would like to be part of the crew, contact gallery manager Petrina through at

I'm linking this article on hanging paintings, because it is useful to both artists and patrons. Bookmark it is at hand when needed. The article is a great reminder dos and donts when hanging paintings.


The painting above BLUE DOLL is shown hanging at the Art Walk exhibition in the fall. I opened up the back of the booth onto a lovely Mountain Ash tree and used this as backing for the display. I think this painting looked particularly lovely in that setting. It is on sale at Daily Paintworks.

The painting below is semi abstract is from a series of abstract roses. It is called Violet Rose and now lives in New York. I'm always happy to paint more in this series with your colour and  size preferences. I am currently available for commissions.


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