Sunday, 19 July 2015


In answer to the title question, I think not.

I exhibit about 14 times a year, I have to say that in spite of all the work and on site lack of sales, it does wonders for getting your name and style out there in the community. This year I've cut back on shows and focused on creating a workable studio/gallery in my home, but the well chosen shows and exhibitions I have showed in were very beneficial. In fact my most recent sale was because of a show, because I made an agreement with the owner of the winery venue to leave a few pieces on display and the painting above sold there last week. I'm currently working on a slightly larger one to replace it. SUMMER BREEZE below is still on show at the winery, but can be purchased by contacting me. It is 24" x 36" $540 plus shipping based on your post or zip code.

It's always a good idea to keep a running list of places you have exhibited over the last year or so. In submissions they almost always ask about recent shows and it saves time to have a list ready. Here is mine. Quite frankly I haven't updated my list for a while and I was surprised that I have been so active. It is hard work painting, cataloging, framing etc for a show, but that is nothing compared to all the work of the organizers and volunteers who make it possible. Without them half my sales wouldn't happen.

My exhibits over the last year

2014 Blue Heron Residence - Lake Country BC
2014 Lake Country Library - Lake Country BC
2014 Art Walk - Lake Country BC
2014 A Step Forward - Lake Country BC
2014 Art Bazaar - Lake Country BC
2014 Culture Crawl - Kelowna BC
2014 A Night of One Thousand Lights - Kelowna BC
2014 Rouge - Kelowna BC
2014 U100 Lake Country Art Gallery - Lake Country BC
2015 Make it Happen - Kelowna BC
2015 Lake Country Art Gallery Members Show - Lake Country BC
2015 URBA Art in Empty Spaces - Kelowna BC
2015 Inter-generational Exhibition - Lake Country BC
2015 Frayed and Feathered Studio Tour - Ellison BC

Whether it's in a gallery, open studio, pop-up space, museum, public space, retail store, festival, a solo exhbition or your local hair salon, the point is that you are getting your work in front of potential buyers. I've found that there is a definite ratio between the number of eyes that see my work and the number of paintings that sell. There are other factors of course, such as price point, colour palette, trends etc. but even if you have everything else right and don't show your work, sales will be few and far between.

In our area at least, there is no easily accessible list for ALL exhibit possibilities. Make sure you are on the list of all the movers and shakers of the art world in your town. If you don't know who they are, visit your local public gallery, federation of artists or art group and take notes.

Future Plans

Paint a Masterpiece Studio/Gallery - Kelowna BC
Ritchcraft Art Gallery - Kelowna BC
Art House Gift Shop - Lake Country BC
Ancient Hills Winery - Ellison BC

12 September 2015 - Art Bazaar - Lake Country BC
November/December 2015 - U100 - Lake Country BC
November 2015 - Red Barn Artizan Show - Kelowna BC
December 2015 - Frayed and Feathered Christmas Show - Ellison BC

There are others which are in the submission process and I will announce when I have been accepted.