Saturday, 7 November 2015


 SNOWDUST by Sea Dean
The snowline is slowly moving down the mountains and I hear it will snow in the valley next week. It's time to hibernate.

The flowers on my balcony are hanging in, but there've been a few frosts and they won't be around much longer. The swamp coolers and fans have been winterized and stored, the fireplace and mantle dusted and I've boxed unwanted stuff that accumulated over the summer ready for the thrift shop. I've stock piled canned milk and dry food so I don't have to go out in icy conditions. My living room is transformed with winter throws draped over the couches and plenty of lamps in strategic places.

Not a perfect winter hideaway yet, but well on it's way to being a great place to hang out on those long winter nights. All I need is a few bottles of ice wine in the rack and the holiday season is almost sorted. Yay!

How are your holiday plans progressing. We've already had Thanksgiving in Canada and it will soon be upon my US friends. Soon after I will have my last show of the season and pull up the draw bridge. Let's hope PBS has some great series planned.

The painting above was inspired by a photo I took on the Coquihalla Connector a few years ago. It's the main highway to the big smoke, so once there has been snow up there, us valley folks know winter is on its way. I like this painting because it reminds me of the many times I was up on that highway in bad weather and made it through. Times when I was making it home for Christmas, or in the early spring getting out of the valley with a great sense of freedom.

This painting now hangs in a private collection but if there is a nostalgic view you would like me to paint, I would be more than happy to do so. I'm ahead of my commission schedule for the holidays so I could even squeeze in a gift.