Sunday, 6 December 2015


16" x 12" Deep Gallery Wrap

No, you're not seeing double. I finished a portrait of Pepsi a couple of weeks ago which was for a 21st birthday gift. I'm told that the portrait was an "Enormous Hit!" with the entire family. I promptly received a commission for another closeup portrait and possibly another more impressionistic one in a tall format.

I started the elongated version a week ago and took it to work on at a show. A couple of people were really interested in buying it unfinished and the owner loves it, but I still need to do some tweaking. Today I was going to work on PEPSI TWO, but armed with a brand new canvas I couldn't resist starting on the closeup. This also needs a couple of small tweaks, but it's almost done, so PEPSI PORTRAIT is my painting for today.

This collection of portraits is using the same photo but I needed to make them look different to each other which is quite challenging. Below is the first version with the beautiful rock and impressionist flowers. In the closeup I have changed the colouring slightly, although it still looks very blue in this image. The other one I will show in a day or so, but it is very different.

I heard somewhere once that an artists favourite painting is always the one they are working on at the time or the one they have just finished. This is certainly the case with PEPSI PORTRAIT.

I intend creating more portraits in the New Year, both pet and human, so if you have a favourite image of either, send it and I'll put it on the list.