Wednesday, 16 March 2016


by Sea Dean
(after Two Women with Mango Blossom
by Paul Gaugin)
Approx 18" x 13" Canvas Panel (European Canvas Size)

This painting was a commission for a Paul Gaugin work. It has been sitting in the purchaser's closet waiting for the right frame for over a year. When I asked why, it was because there was no reasonably priced frame available in the local area. The original has a beautiful antique handmade frame and the patron wanted something similar.

Two Women with Mango Blossoms - Paul Gaugin - Original Frame

So I put my thinking cap on. Luckily there was a handy frame shop in the area selling very basic frames, but the owner was willing and had the equipment to cut and assemble, if I could find the right fancy frame it could be fitted. I looked high and low and came up with some gold framed religious icons which were nice but very flimsy.

Then I had an AHA moment. What if I took an inexpensive mirror that had a nice quality gold frame and cut it to fit the painting. The search was on. I eventually found the right look in a low end department store; my friendly framer did a great job cutting and assembling for a reasonable price and this is the result. Much nicer in real life of course. The owner is thrilled.

Do you crave a real Monet or Vermeer? I'm happy to copy any public domain painting and even go the extra mile to find a spectacular frame for it. It's much more reasonable than you imagine.