Monday, 25 April 2016


Two more side swaps have made their way to my mail box. Boy those automatic sorting machines sure like to add their stamp so the speak.

I attended a seminar put on by Golden Artists Colors today and was reminded how useful all these gels and pastes are in adding pizzaz to my work. I'm hoping to get back to some more of that experimental texture soon. They gave out a bag of samples, so I can't wait to break into it. It's the one marked "Just Paint" behind the cards. I highly recommend taking one of these seminars if they come to your area.

On the left is a lovely card by Patricia J Lawrence of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She says "Spray painted through grandmother's stencil on black canvas. Happy Creating" I love the idea of using stencils and as my readers know, I've used them in some of my work, but I've never used spray paint with them. I love the effect.

On the right is a photo postcard by Pat Mark of Tigard Oregon, USA. This is the second year she has taken part in the swap. The still life is uncluttered and has a lovely country feel to it. Love those peonies.