Sunday, 1 May 2016


BLACK MOUNTAIN VISTA 10" x 10" - On Hold
I thought you would like to see my latest landscapes. These are part of my 10 painting submission for Skyway at Kelowna Airport which went in today. The jury process takes about 6 weeks. If you make it through the jury process, the paintings are exclusive to the shop until sold or returned, which is anything up to six months later. Therefore, once submitted I effectively cannot sell these paintings except via Skyway.

OGOPOGOS ISLAND 8" x 10" On Hold
This island is really called Rattlesnake Island and is about half way down the 80 mile long Okanagan Lake. This central location is probably the reason that legend has it Ogopogo lives in a cave under the island. I've often seen strange currents in this area which seem to come out of nowhere, so perhaps it's Ogopogo going for a swim.

OKANAGAN SAIL 8" x 8" On Hold
I went for a drive with a friend to pick up some paintings from an exhibition. On the way I took over 400 images and some were of this sail boat. I used to love sailing, but now I don't know anyone with a boat. I must admit I would love to be out on the water in this one.

OKANAGAN SUNSET 8" x 10" On Hold
Similar to another painting from a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to work on the effect of a sunset sky and reflection on water. I love the way the hills look in this painting.

The snowy peak right at the top of this painting is Terrace Mountain. It's a lot bigger and taller than it looks, but the lower hills surround and almost cover it most of the time. The mountain has a flat top which makes it quite distinctive. This was from an image I took in early spring, most of the snow has gone now.