Thursday, 2 February 2017


You you may be interested what happened to EPHEMERA, the sta-wet palette abstract that was # 19 of my 30 paintings last month. The original painting is still on the lid, awaiting time for me to warm it with hot water from below to lift the skins away. I also spent time working on an embellished copy using acrylic on canvas, but it is still unresolved as I post this.

Next, I started to develop the idea using my iPad. I tried multiple colors and different types of line. I liked the transparent layered pieces below, but decided there was too much color. The ones with the white line are better. Then limiting my palette to pink, white and red, the original palette colors, I created the rosy painting above. I believe this is a good conclusion to the initial concept. ROSY is a limited edition print, but it would also make a great pattern for fabric or wrapping paper.

Below are some steps that lead to the final result.