Friday, 3 March 2017

Reducing Art Shipping Costs - Trans Canada Air Pageant

Trans Canada Air Pageant

I was recently asked to ship a large painting to Australia. I know how expensive that can be because a few years ago my credit card expired while I was traveling (there was no way I could know this in advance, even the bank was confused) and it cost over $60 to have a new one shipped out. A credit card! For a week I could only afford boiled rice while it winged its way over the Pacific. A great way to diet, but very stressful.

So with due diligence I checked all the normal methods including using my business discount at Canada Post. Then I tried Google. I came across a great website that claims to slash shipping costs. A 24" x 24" painting that was over $500 with other methods was $225 via They use regular shipping companies like Fed Ex and UPS and they operate the same way, but because they bulk purchase they get huge buying power corporate discounts, which they then pass on to clients. I've not used them yet, so I can't wholeheartedly recommend them, but it seems feasible.

I would love to know if you've used Secure Ship and what your experience was. They don't take any money up front and you are billed later after the parcel has been measured and weighed by the carrier, so it's a bit worrisome with a large shipment. Theres no harm in giving it a go the next time you have a small painting to ship. I would also be interested if there is a US or U.K. Version of the website.