Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Free coloring pages - graphic art

The Rainbow
I don't read art blogs just for the art, I like to follow blogs that show me a different slice of life. Alisa Burke is an artist that creates completely different work to myself and I dont see me ever going in that direction, but I follow her blog because she is a young Mum with a little girl that she totally includes in her artistic life. She is also a wonderful photographer.

Sweets for my Sweetie

I would probably catagorize Alisa as a graphic production artist. She has an Etsy shop and often has giveaways of her coloring pages. Recently she posted a link to over 30 free pages and it struck me that they could be printed off and made into a coloring book for your favorite little one. I also recommend following her blog which is very refreshing.

Link to Alisa Burke's free coloring pages

The second painting above was created from one of Alisas coloring pages and the other two were inspired by her lighthearted approach to life. All are available at Daily Paintworks here.

Party Hearty