Sunday, 4 June 2017

Rubies set in Gold by Julia Trops

One of the movers and shakers in our local art scene is leaving the area and moving to the coast, as a result, she held a studio clearance sale with prices even I can afford. I've been a fan of Julia Trops for more than 10 years and I'm fortunate to own a couple of her small paintings. I've wanted to add a third for many years and this was my opportunity.

When I reached the location, Julia told me that most of the paintings on show were on sale, but one was on hold for a customer till 2pm. In selecting the right piece it had to work with the other two. There were several possibilities, but the only perfect one was the one on hold. At 2pm after a tense half hour Julia phoned the customer and he was still undecided, so she offered it to me. I'm thrilled to now own a marvellous deep crackle watercolor by julia Trops called "Rubies set in Gold".

I asked Julia how she achieved such deep crackle and she said the secret is Golden brand crackle, over Gum Arabic, then topped with gold leaf and high pigment watercolor paint. The painting substrate is art board. The final layer is a crystal coating.

I wish Julia much happiness and success in her new home.