Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Spread your Wings - Artist Residency

Do you feel boxed in by your life? One of the solutions is an art residency. There are all kinds of residencies some give a grant for supplies, some give you helpers, some give you a place to stay, or wages, many offer an opportunity for public demos or teaching, but all of them give you the opportunity to expand your horizons and grow as an artist. If you Google "art or artist residency/residencies" all kinds of opportunities will be revealed.

This is one place you can bookmark to find residencies and work in the art world -
Artslant Board

Each residency has a different application process, so the first step is to get your ducks in a row. Just like applying for a job you need an excellent set of introduction papers. The more time you spend compiling this file, the more likely you will be accepted. Just like an employer, the residency committee want to see they will get value for money, so anything you can do to prove you work hard and produce results will benefit.

Artist statement
Representations of your very best work
A list of platforms where you sell your art
Contact information
A blog
Images of you working and a promotional head shot
A couple of personal references
A couple of art references from teachers or galleries
A couple of references from happy patrons
Proof of correct travel documents

There are hundreds of short and long term opportunities around the world. Artists of all ages and income levels can find an appropriate residency with a bit of dedicated research.

Good Luck and stay in touch. If you do apply for and/or receive a residency, I will publish your experience on my blog.