Saturday, 27 January 2018

More of the white stuff

A few days ago everyone was walking around without a coat saying that was it for winter. I’ve lived in the north long enough to know better, but it was still nice to open the doors and bask in a bit of sunshine. However, the inevitable happened as you see. Yup those big white blotches are palm sized snowflakes, not cotton wool.

Feel free to be inspired by my snapshots to paint a winter scene. The first image reminds me of a Pissarro. Looking at the colors I find it interesting how limited the palette is and how neutral grey, but there is color to be found. When I photoshopped I was amazed just how much sage, ochre and van dyke brown there is. But looking closer, there are some nice purply hues. Who said winter was drab? If you are inspired, send me an image of your work and I will put you in my blog.