Thursday, 8 February 2018

Peaceful Valley - Bob Ross in Acrylic 1-8 - #30in30 - 9

The first image is in studio light and the second image is photographed in daylight.

I did things a little differently this time, I didn't rewind, but stopped the video each time Bob loaded his brush so I could catch up. I particularly like this painting, which seems to have more character in the mountains than Bobs usual pointy Alaska peaks.

I  prepped the canvas a little differently, using Golden Open slow drying acrylic, mixed with Golden Open thinner, rather than slow drying medium. I also kept misting very lightly when loading the brush. I’m still having trouble with mixing a nice dark black, but I think I’m finding the palette a little easier to use.

Bob mentioned in this video that he often uses a touch of Van Dyck Brown to dull his colors. I remember this as being an old madter technique that I learned in beginner oil painting classes. These days I tend to use the complimentary color to modify, which is probably a more impressionist technique.

Bob starts with the sky and furthest distant areas, working the foreground last. In this painting the distant peaks were quite light and modified to grey with Van Dyck Brown. The mid ground mountains were a datker mix of Alizarin Crimson and Prussian Blue. Bob made then very dark but I lightened the mix with Titanium White and I think this works better for Acrylics as they tend to darken, while oils stay the same as when wet.

Bob Ross Peaceful Valley Series 1 Episode 8

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